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Intrepid Section 18 Expiration Update

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Please make certain that the Intrepid® 2F (methoxyfenozide) Section 18 is removed from your restricted materials permit at the county agricultural commissioner’s office. The Section 18 expired on October 4, 2021. 

All Specific Section 18s are issued for no more than one year or an expiration date is provided as in the case of Intrepid® 2F. We must apply for the Section 18 annually and there is no guarantee that the U.S. EPA will recertify and authorize DPR to issue the emergency exemption in 2022.

In 2022, we will submit for a recertification of the Section 18 while working on the final stages of registration. Maintaining an expired Section 18 on the restricted materials permit would allow a grower to purchase and use Intrepid® 2F regardless of the Section 18 or registration status. In these instances, any methoxyfenozide application (to rice) would be considered illegal if we fail in advancing the Intrepid® 2F Section 18 or the registration does not go through. 

For more information, contact the CRC’s Industry Affairs Manager Roberta Firoved at or (916) 206-5039.

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In Memory: Vern Vierra

In Memory: Vern Vierra

We extend condolences to the family and friends of Vern Vierra, a longtime industry member who passed away over the weekend from illness.

Vern worked at Rice Researchers and provided years of participation for CRC events and committees. 

More details on services will be forthcoming. 

Upcoming meetings include focus on Weed Management in Rice

Upcoming meetings include focus on Weed Management in Rice

University of California Cooperative Extension Sutter-Yuba-Colusa is holding grower meetings this month to provide research updates on some of the major crops in the Sacramento Valley. The classes are relevant to growers throughout California and are primarily focused on pest management and pesticide safety. Here’s a link to find out more on the meetings, which will provide the option of attending via Zoom or in person.