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CRC Board Election Results

CRC Board Election Results

The following growers have been elected to the CRC Board for terms beginning in 2021/22. Congratulations to all.

District 1

Josh Sheppard – Member

Perter Rystrom – Alternate

Joe Borrayo – Alternate

District 2

Leo LaGrande – Member

Mike Kuppenbender – Alternate

Sid LaGrande – Alternate

District 3

Lisa Heuschkel – Member

District 4

Michael Rue – Member

Alec Magenheimer

No seats were open in District 5. 

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Remembering Bill Huffman, 1945-2021

Remembering Bill Huffman, 1945-2021

With great sadness, we share the news of Bill Huffman’s passing on August 3, 2021 after years of struggling with ALS. 

Bill was a fixture in the industry during his 33 years of service to Farmers’ Rice Cooperative. He was an encyclopedia of industry knowledge and made it his life’s work to advance California rice. Bill made an effort to befriend everyone he ran into whether a politician or a doorman. After a few minutes of banter he figured out that he likely knew someone they knew. Bill loved politics and always a gentleman. Ever quick with a joke or a prank, he will be missed. 

Flooding Opportunities – Drought Relief Waterbird Program

Flooding Opportunities – Drought Relief Waterbird Program

In response to extreme drought-related concerns for Pacific Flyway waterbirds, the California rice industry has teamed up with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) to fund a special $8 million Drought Relief Waterbird Program. This program seeks to create waterbird habitat through the operation of groundwater wells to winter flood rice fields for migratory birds. The program will be rolled out on an expedited timeframe, given the rice harvest schedule this year.