Intrepid® 2F Section 18 is Approved for Armyworm Control


The Intrepid® 2F Section 18 is approved for use again in 2021. Section 18 labels are available through the county agricultural commissioner offices when you add Intrepid® 2F to your pesticide permit. 

All Section 18 emergency exemptions are treated as restricted materials and product specific (Intrepid® 2F). The Section 18 process allows unregistered use of the pesticide to meet an emergency need. Therefore, the Section 18 is specific to Intrepid® 2F until the registration is complete and methoxyfenozide labels are amended to include rice. 

For more information, contact the CRC’s Industry Affairs Manager Roberta Firoved at or (916) 206-5039.

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Armyworm Season is underway

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