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Valent Grower Meeting and CRC Stewardship Update

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The Thiobencarb Mandatory Stewardship Training is a regulatory requirement for the CRC to provide. Training will be a separate online course available later this month with continuing education credit pending, so watch for our future updates.

The following is a message from Valent:

Every year, we look forward to seeing you in person at our annual Valent Rice Stewardship meetings. This year, things look a little different and we’re disappointed we won’t be able to meet with you in person. 

However, we will be offering our Annual California Rice content online. The content will include: 

  • Foundation Herbicide programs, with Bolero UltraMax, League MVP and Abolish 8EC.
  • Weed control with Regiment CA, as well as required Applicator Certification.
  • Program approach for a successful rice growing season.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

The on-demand online course will take approximately 90 minutes, and 1.5 hours of Continuing Education have been approved by DPR. 

Below you will find the access information to view the virtual Valent Rice Meeting for 2021. 

If you have a PCA, QAL, or QAC number the site will recognize you from the DPR database. If not, please just use your email address to receive CE credit information, and our survey.

Once you have registered with the free comp code, you will be directed to the CAPCA CE site to view the 2021 Rice meeting.

If you need any technical support, please contact or call (916) 928-1625 M-F 7:30 am-4 pm, and select the extension for online CE support. 


Instructions – Visit to Redeem Your Access Code and activate the course. Once activated, users have access for 2 weeks to complete the course. All access ends 4/30/21 regardless of when activated.

Please take the survey at the end to receive a gift in the mail for participating and get entered into a raffle to win some great prize packs as well.

Thank you.
Your Valent team,
Kristina Madden
Leanne Becker

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Lambda-cyhalothrin to be extensively monitored in Rice this year

Lambda-cyhalothrin to be extensively monitored in Rice this year

We start monitoring Lambda-cyhalothrin (Warrior, Lambda-cy, Silencer, etc.) in the water column plus sediment sampling this year. The sampling takes place at the drain sites we use for thiobencarb monitoring. This will be our first experience with compliance to the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements. The TMDL is a forever monitoring program and we anticipate positive results leading to future modifications. We have never had an issue with our long history monitoring the pyrethroid insecticides. However, we have no ability to correlate the past results with the newer and much lower analytical methods.

Here are Key Links and Updates for Rice Pesticides

Here are Key Links and Updates for Rice Pesticides

The following links include select pesticide updates as an effort to provide you with easy access to the information. Please remember the pesticide label is the ultimate level of enforcement and the county permit conditions can supersede the label with more restrictive requirements. You will find permit conditions and supplemental labels for thiobencarb. Permit conditions for some pesticides have been changed to active ingredient rather than trade or product name due to new product registrations. Products such as Butte Herbicide, RebelEx CA and RiceEdge 60DF are combination formulations and permit conditions could apply to one of the active ingredients. The EPA Reg. No. provides additional identification of the individual pesticide products on the Rice Pesticide Update Table.