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Farm Equipment Movement – Update

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Working with haulers and stomper operators, we have identified a path forward for the movement of combines and stompers for this year through additional permitting and documentation of business structure. 

At issue was the CHP’s interpretation that a contract hauler did not meet definition of a farmer for the movement of their own equipment. This new interpretation appears to have stemmed from the new definitions of employees and contractors under AB-5, passed last year by the Legislature. 

Farmers and their employees can still move their own equipment with no changes. 

We are already working with members of the Legislature to craft a fix to the vehicle code that will clearly allow contract hauling of farm equipment next year. 

Thanks to Radco Trucking and Caswell Farms for engaging on this issue and providing essential information. 

Please contact CRC President & CEO Tim Johnson at 916-704-6556 or with questions or additional support on this issue. 

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State Grant Just the First Step

We appreciate the Governor’s California Small Agricultural Business Drought Relief Grant Program. This brand new program is a good first step to meet the needs of very small businesses impacted by the drought. This success was the result of great work with NCWA, CA Agricultural Aircraft Association, California Warehouse Association and others in agriculture. To address the needs of rice mills, dryers and larger suppliers, federal relief will be needed. 

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Rice Pesticides: Key Links and Updates

The links below include select pesticide updates in an effort to provide the information in an easily accessible way. Please remember, the pesticide label is the ultimate level of enforcement and the county permit conditions can supersede the label with more restrictive requirements. You will find permit conditions and the water hold table for Thiobencarb. County permit conditions have been changed to active ingredient rather than trade or product name. The products with combination formulations could have permit conditions apply to one, and not both, of the active ingredients. In this situation, the most stringent requirements must be followed. The EPA Reg. No. provides additional identification of the individual pesticide products on the Rice Pesticide Update Table.