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Farm Equipment Movement – Update

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Working with haulers and stomper operators, we have identified a path forward for the movement of combines and stompers for this year through additional permitting and documentation of business structure. 

At issue was the CHP’s interpretation that a contract hauler did not meet definition of a farmer for the movement of their own equipment. This new interpretation appears to have stemmed from the new definitions of employees and contractors under AB-5, passed last year by the Legislature. 

Farmers and their employees can still move their own equipment with no changes. 

We are already working with members of the Legislature to craft a fix to the vehicle code that will clearly allow contract hauling of farm equipment next year. 

Thanks to Radco Trucking and Caswell Farms for engaging on this issue and providing essential information. 

Please contact CRC President & CEO Tim Johnson at 916-704-6556 or with questions or additional support on this issue. 

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