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Results of 2020/21 Producer Elections

Results of 2020/21 Producer Elections

Congratulations following industry members elected to the 2020/21 CRC Board of Directors for a 3–year term. 

District 1

Imran H. Khan – Member
Derek Sohnrey – Member
Robert Doornbos – Alternate

District 2

Kim Gallagher – Member
Alex Struckmeyer – Member
Vincent Andreotti – Member

District 3

Seth Fiack – Member

District 4

Nicole Montna Van Vleck – Member
Everett Willey – Alternate

No seats were open in District 5. The new Board is seated November 11, 2020.

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CHP Rice Equipment Transport Issues

CHP Rice Equipment Transport Issues

Several weeks ago, contract haulers of farm equipment in the Sacramento Valley reported enforcement actions when moving combines. At issue was the interpretation of the vehicle code that allows farmers to haul their own equipment without a permit but not contract haulers. Shortly thereafter, the movement of stompers was impacted due to their oversized width. CHP indicated that a CHP escort was needed to move the equipment. Booking an escort is about two weeks out and comes at a cost of $1,500.