Variable Armyworm Numbers detected

Variable Armyworm Numbers detected

Here’s the weekly armyworm update from UCCE Rice Farm Advisor, Luis Espino:

Week of August 17

Number of moths in traps has come down in some locations and have come up in others. There seems to be quite a bit of variability. We are finding more worms in fields, but the numbers are not high. In some fields there is some panicle injury, but not enough to be of economic significance. 

Late planted fields where panicles are still green could be injured. If you see blanked panicle branches, confirm it is armyworm injury. Blast can also blank panicle branches; branches injured by armyworm will hang down from the panicle, while branches affected by blast will remain pointing upwards.

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Highest Armyworm Numbers Expected Soon and Inspection Tips

Highest Armyworm Numbers Expected Soon and Inspection Tips

The University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) says the next several days will be critical for growers to monitor their fields, and potentially make any necessary treatment decisions, as armyworm numbers will be at their highest very soon.

As expected, moth numbers peaked last week. Utilizing annual trend data and on-site monitoring, the UCCE says worms in the field will peak this week and next.