Small Rise in Armyworm Detections

Small Rise in Armyworm Detections

Here’s the latest armyworm monitoring update from UCCE Rice Farming Systems Advisor Luis Espino:

Week of August 3

The number of moths has increased slightly in most locations. It seems the upward trend is starting and numbers should continue to go up in the coming days. I have found very few worms in the field and have seen very little injury. 

Western yellowstriped armyworm news:

I was notified of an outbreak of western yellowstriped armyworms in alfalfa in northern Glenn County. Looks like worms were moving out of a recently cut alfalfa field. I have not seen these worms feeding on rice in the past five years. For more information, visit the armyworm monitoring website.

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Armyworm Season is underway

Armyworm Season is underway

As we enter summer, armyworm monitoring and trapping efforts will intensify.

Moth numbers are starting to increase along the northern part of the valley, according to UC Rice Farming Systems Advisor and Butte County Director, Luis Espino.