Armyworm Numbers trending lower

Armyworm Numbers trending lower

Here’s the latest on Armyworm trapping from UCCE Rice Farm Advisor Luis Espino: 

Except for one field, all traps are showing very low numbers. There are still a few worms out there, but I have not seen any fields with high numbers. In some of the fields that are headed I started to notice armyworm panicle injury, but at very low levels. As fields go into heading, and moth populations start increasing, risk of panicle injury will also increase.

graph: Average Moth Captures in sacramento valley 4/1/2020 through 7/30/2020

For pictures of armyworm stages and panicle injury, visit the armyworm monitoring website.

Also, here’s a link to rice blast information from Luis. 

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Armyworm Season is underway

Armyworm Season is underway

As we enter summer, armyworm monitoring and trapping efforts will intensify.

Moth numbers are starting to increase along the northern part of the valley, according to UC Rice Farming Systems Advisor and Butte County Director, Luis Espino.