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Major Amendment Ballots Mailing This Week

Major Amendment Ballots Mailing This Week

This Thursday, June 4, CDFA will send ballots to all qualified growers and handlers, asking the industry to vote on an increase in the assessment cap from 15 cents per hundredweight to 20 cents per hundredweight. The assessment will continue to be split equally between handlers and growers. 

The increased assessment cap will be used to address increases in regulatory fees and costs such as the Rice Waste Discharge Requirement (WDR) and projected modest increases in operating costs over the next nine years. CRC leadership is committed to not immediately increasing the assessment to the full amount, but rather the assessment will be set as part of the annual budget process that looks at acreage, costs and reserve levels. 

Please take a minute to complete your ballot and return it to CDFA. If you do not receive a ballot, contact Tim Johnson at 916-387-2264 or

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