Updating Early Season Armyworm Monitoring

Updating Early Season Armyworm Monitoring

From the University of California Cooperative Extension, here’s a link to the latest trapping information in the battle against Armyworm in Sacramento Valley rice fields.

Here is the information presented from UCCE Rice Farm Advisor Luis Espino: 

Most of the traps have been set up and we will start checking them weekly. This year, I will be presenting the numbers in table format to make it easier to compare all locations.

The early numbers out of some of the traps are unusually high for this time of year. Last year, at those sites, we did not get more than one moth per night until mid-June. The nice warm, dry weather might be the reason.

I’m including pictures of the moths on the armyworm website. Sometimes growers see moths flying around and get worried those are armyworm moths. Armyworm moths fly at night and are usually hidden during the day. 

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Highest Armyworm Numbers Expected Soon and Inspection Tips

Highest Armyworm Numbers Expected Soon and Inspection Tips

The University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) says the next several days will be critical for growers to monitor their fields, and potentially make any necessary treatment decisions, as armyworm numbers will be at their highest very soon.

As expected, moth numbers peaked last week. Utilizing annual trend data and on-site monitoring, the UCCE says worms in the field will peak this week and next.