Employee Verification Letters for Shelter in Place

A number of counties in the rice growing region have issued shelter in place orders or directives, in an effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19. When these requirements are adopted,  Essential Businesses are designated and allowed to continue operations while restrictions are in place. While each order or directive is county specific, farming, food and ag processing and companies supplying these businesses have been designated as Essential Businesses.

The following counties have an order in place: Sacramento , Yolo, Yuba-Sutter.

We are recommending that you consider providing your employees with a letter verifying employment at your company and noting the Essential Business exemption. This will assist them if they are asked to document their need for travel to and from work or as part of their employment. 

Please find links to sample letters for your use by county or a combined letter, if you operate in multiple counties drafted by Kahn, Soares, Conway. 





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New OSHA Covid-19 Emergency Regulations for Employers

New OSHA Covid-19 Emergency Regulations for Employers

See the attached review of significant new emergency regulations adopted by OSHA. The emergency regulations will go into effect when approved by OAL no later than November 30 and possibly earlier. They require a number of new mandates for employers which will impact rice including: employee testingreporting and record keeping and exclusion from the workplace for a positive test for 14 days. 

Thanks to Kahn, Soares, Conway for this report. Click here to download the report (pdf).