Farm Evaluation/Nitrogen Management Plan Reporting moves to every five years

Farm Evaluation/Nitrogen Management Plan Reporting moves to every five years

The requirement to complete the Rice Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Plan moves to once every five years. This means you will report the 2022 crop information in 2023. The calricenews.org website currently reflects the change in reporting requirements. We will provide reminders as the reporting date approaches.

These dates coincide with previous amendments to the East San Joaquin Coalition’s WDR Order. Several of the resulting amendments became effective to all WDR Orders in Region 5 of Central Valley Water Board. The effective start date was in 2018, and formalized with an amendment to the Rice WDR Order in 2019. We were well into the 2018 crop reporting cycle when the amendment became effective. 

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Drinking Water Supply Well Monitoring goes Online

Drinking water supply well monitoring is a new regulatory requirement for Sacramento Valley growers/landowners starting January 1, 2022. Rice growers in the Sacramento Valley are automatically members of the Sacramento Valley Rice Growers Coalition, with the requirement specific to wells that supply drinking water on parcels where rice is produced. Drinking water supply wells on non-rice parcels receive coverage under the Sacramento River Watershed Coalition. Rice grown in the San Joaquin Valley starts earlier and growers/landowners are directed to the local water quality coalition.*