Bid4Birds Application Deadline Extended

The California Ricelands Waterbird Foundation (Foundation) is extending the enrollment period for its new habitat program. The Foundation will be accepting applications until 5pm on Tuesday January 21. If you are interested in the program but have not been able to enroll yet please check out the details on the website.

If you have any questions about the program please visit the Foundation website or contact Luke Matthews directly at or (916) 607-8988.

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Year Two of Our Pilot Salmon Project is Underway

Year Two of Our Pilot Salmon Project is Underway

We are pleased to report that we now have 9,000 baby salmon placed into winter-flooded rice fields as part of the second year of the California Rice Salmon Pilot Project.  These fish are in eight specially-prepared test plots in a living scientific experiment designed to determine if any unique extra treatments, such as deep channels or vegetative cover, make these fish food-rich rice fields even better habitat for these young salmon.  Later this season, they will swim off for their journey towards the Golden Gate, and about 1,000 will be tracked with sophisticated, surgically-implanted tracking devices in a truly cutting-edge scientific study.