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Industry Vote in June to consider Five-Cent Increase in Assessment Cap

Industry Vote in June to consider Five-Cent Increase in Assessment Cap

After review of projected monitoring and reporting costs along with fees for the Rice WDR, the CRC Board moved in December to begin the process for an industry vote to increase the assessment cap, currently set at 15 cents per hundredweight. 

The CRC wholly manages the Rice WDR on behalf of the industry meeting all water quality monitoring and reporting requirements, as well as paying the per acre fee to the State Water Board. Projected costs for the next 10 years to manage this program are expected to exceed $1.3 million annually. Along with the need to cover other small increases in other program and operating costs, the Board is moving forward with an industry vote to ask growers and handlers to increase the assessment cap to 20 cents per hundredweight. If approved, the increased assessment will be subject to annual budget development. 

Growers and handlers will receive a ballot from the California Department of Food and Agriculture in early June. Voting will extend for 60 days.

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