Rice Commission 2019 Annual Report is in the Mail

Rice Commission 2019 Annual Report is in the Mail

Our 2019 Annual Report, Safeguarding Our Industry, has been printed and will be sent to all industry members in the coming days.

The report reviews the events of the past year and looks ahead to future challenges for our industry. It outlines work in key areas, including water quality, crop protection, conservation and communications, with a look at emerging issues faced by our industry.

This report showcases a handful of the thousands of photographs we take each year of the people, places and wildlife that make California Rice unique.

Click here to download the 2019 California Rice Commission Annual Report. 

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Thiobencarb Fourth Week of Monitoring

Memorial Day weekend typically marks the fifth week of thiobencarb monitoring with peak use and numbers exceeding the 1.5 µg/L (parts per million) performance goal. For this atypical year, the holiday marked the fourth week of monitoring with numbers at all sites except the Sacramento River location. The monitoring results recovered to acceptable levels after a rough start where the performance goal was exceeded two and three weeks into the program.