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California Rice featured at Today’s Farm to Fork Festival

California Rice featured at Today’s Farm to Fork Festival

Sacramento’s Capitol Mall bustled with activity today, during the seventh annual Farm to Fork Festival, and rice was featured. 

Attendees watched a California Rice cooking demonstration from Chefs Juan and Toby Barajas of Savory Café in Woodland, emceed by ABC 10 Sacramento News Anchor Madison Meyer and CRC President & CEO Tim Johnson. Recipe cards with this dish and rice messaging were provided.

While the chefs made their dish, chicken with California rice cooked in a cast iron pan, key messages were covered. Topics included the impact of rice to our economy and environment, as well as the different types of rice grown in our state and cooking suggestions. 

Today’s festival is part of a larger effort to educate our region about the important role of California Rice. Another recent CRC-led activity was a rice harvest tour with food bloggers and chefs in Sutter County last week. 

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With hard work and a good understanding of the regulatory process, the Commission was successful in gaining IR-4 priority for necessary research on an important armyworm insecticide. Typically thought of as a program only for ‘specialty crops’ the Commission successfully made the case that the minor use of this insecticide on California rice qualified the proposal for consideration.