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Farm Evaluation/Nitrogen Management Plan Reporting Closes Next Week

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The due date of the Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Plan reporting for the 2018 crop year was March 1, 2019. We extended the deadline to August 28 for one last opportunity to meet this regulatory requirement established by the Central Valley Water Resources Control Board. 

Non-compliance letters were recently mailed to individuals as an additional reminder to complete the reporting requirements. The Central Valley Water Board requires us to provide you notification of non-compliance. In September, we will share information of non-compliance with the Central Valley Water Board for potential regulatory action.

Please go to and click on WDR and then click on Start Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Plan. Or directly go to the site by using: Enter the last seven digits of your pesticide permit number and follow the online instructions. 

You will know whether you have complied by viewing the Dashboard on the WDR site. A Dashboard showing all three boxes as green with a white check mark means you have complied. The Farm Evaluation will show “submitted” while the Nitrogen Management Plan shows “reported”. 

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The information in this twelve-month chart is just a snapshot of the management necessary to maintain thiobencarb. At the CRC, we work to provide information on the management practices, stewardship updates and the monitoring results because product maintenance does not end with the last application, cumulation of all water-holds or the collection of the final water sample. Every person using, applying and recommending thiobencarb takes ownership in successful management of the herbicide. Management requires constant diligence and coordination with the growers, registrants, pilots, applicators, pest control advisers, county agricultural commissioners and state regulators to assure continual usage of this important herbicide.