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Thiobencarb found in the river

Thiobencarb found in the river

Detections of thiobencarb were found at the drinking water intakes for the Cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento on May 27, 28, 29 and 30. Fortunately, the results were j-flagged, which means the numbers were results at or greater than the lab’s method detection limit and less than the reporting limit. Had the results not been j-flagged, we would have a more serious discussion about increasing thiobencarb concentrations in the river. 

The CRC monitoring results were in exceedance of the performance goal in the drains on May 28 and 30. The performance goal is set at 1.5 µg/L (in the drains) and the city method detection limit at the drinking water intakes is 0.2 µg/L.

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Thiobencarb Management Calendar

The information in this twelve-month chart is just a snapshot of the management necessary to maintain thiobencarb. At the CRC, we work to provide information on the management practices, stewardship updates and the monitoring results because product maintenance does not end with the last application, cumulation of all water-holds or the collection of the final water sample. Every person using, applying and recommending thiobencarb takes ownership in successful management of the herbicide. Management requires constant diligence and coordination with the growers, registrants, pilots, applicators, pest control advisers, county agricultural commissioners and state regulators to assure continual usage of this important herbicide.