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Referendum passes with overwhelming industry support

Referendum passes with overwhelming industry support

The five-year referendum to gauge industry’s interest to continue the activities of the Commission passed with overwhelming support. 100 percent of handlers and 96 percent of growers who voted cast a ballot to continue the Commission.

“The strong support in the referendum speaks to a program of work that is aligned with industry needs and executed diligently”, commented CEO Tim Johnson. “We have outstanding leadership and committed professional staff who get results.”

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Governor’s Announcement on Zero Emission Tractors by 2045

Yesterday’s announcement from the Governor eliminating the sale of internal combustion engines for passenger vehicles in 2035, also had a provision not widely reported that impacts heavy duty and off road vehicles by 2045. These are the classifications for all farm equipment. In short, the announcement yesterday directed regulatory agencies, including ARB, to develop regulations to prohibit the sale of non-zero emission passenger vehicles after 2035. It also directed that all heavy duty and off road fleets be transitioned to zero emission by 2045.