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Governor makes important appointments impacting Ag

Governor makes important appointments impacting Ag

Bill Lyons was appointed as Agriculture Liaison in the office of the Governor. In his role, he will advance the administration’s efforts on agriculture and water in the state. Lyon’s, former Secretary of Agriculture, comes with years of policy experience as well as first–hand knowledge of running a farming operation.

Joaquin Esquivel was appointed Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board. Esquivel has a strong background in resources and agriculture policy and has served on the board since 2017. The board oversees water use and water quality regulations across the state and has served

Laurel Firestone was appointed to the State Water resources Control Board. Firestone has long advocated for the rights of the economically and socially disadvantaged communities of the San Joaquin Valley with a focus on safe and affordable drinking water.

The Commission has worked with each of these appointees for over a decade. We find them to be approachable, practical and committed to advancing solutions around water and agriculture in California. We look forward to working with them in their new roles.

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Referendum Ballots due March 5

Ballots to vote on the continuation of the Commission are due soon! In order to be considered, all producer and handler ballots must be postmarked by March 5.

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