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Luke Matthews to join CRC Team

Luke Matthews to join CRC Team

We are very pleased to announce that Luke Matthews will be joining the environmental team at the California Rice Commission beginning next week.

Luke comes to us from UC Davis, where he has studied with Dr. John Eadie in Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology.  After receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology, Luke stayed on with Dr. Eadie to pursue his Master’s Degree, which he will complete by April 2019.  We will be lucky to have his services for at least half-time while he wraps up his Master’s studies, and then will immediately transition into full-time.

You may recall Luke’s name from a series of materials sent out jointly by CRC and UC Davis regarding a major post-harvest management survey that has significantly updated our understanding of prevailing trends in rice straw management, the economic and resource issues driving current management decisions and what it all means for waterbird conservation in the Valley now and down the road.  Luke did a top-notch job on that project and personally interacted with many of CRC’s growers along the way. He also worked on a CRC nesting cover project, funded by Delta Waterfowl and through our own California Ricelands Waterbird Foundation, to locate and assess duck nesting in ricelands as part of a project to inform successful approaches to nesting cover in rice.  As a result of these hands-on experiences working with CRC, Luke joins us with a strong base of knowledge of the California rice industry and many of its growers.  We know that this will enable him to hit the ground running with new ideas on how we can advance our waterbird programs even further than we have thus far.

Please join us in welcoming Luke Matthews to the CRC Team!  You can reach him at

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If you have not received a ballot or if you do not have a ballot for an entity, please contact the CDFA Marketing Branch at 916-900-5018.