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Industry to vote on five-year CRC Referendum

In early February, growers and handlers will receive a ballot from CDFA for the CRC referendum. Please take a moment to fill it out and return.

Every five years, the Commission is required to go to both growers and handlers and reaffirm that the industry wishes to continue the program. If the majority vote to continue, operations will continue under the direction of the Board of Directors. If a majority of both growers and handlers vote to discontinue the CRC, assessments will cease and operation wound down over the upcoming year.

If you fail to receive a ballot, contact the CDFA Marketing Branch at (916) 900-5018.  If you have any questions, please contact the CRC Office at (916) 387-2264.

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Pyrethroid TMDL for 303(d) listed water bodies

Pyrethroid TMDL for 303(d) listed water bodies

Pyrethroid insecticides have been under scrutiny for several years resulting in recent changes to water quality requirements. The changes set monitoring levels for pyrethroids at nanograms in surface waters. Consistent exceedances of the levels could result in additional restrictions to pyrethroid use, or designate a drain as impaired with future restoration to correct the water quality. Last year, one of the water quality coalitions had a detection that could be problematic under the new standards.