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California leg of the Ride With Rice Road Trip starts this week

California leg of the Ride With Rice Road Trip starts this week

The Mid South, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest have been visited by the bright green pickup associated with the Ride With Rice Road Trip, and now it’s California’s turn.

This program, carried out by USA Rice and aimed at raising awareness about the U.S. Rice Industry, will be in our state starting this weekend. During the next week and a half, the bulk of the California stops will be in the major urban centers of the Bay Area and Southern California, including farmers’ markets, restaurants and other popular locations.

The ultimate destination for the Ride With Rice pickup truck will be next month’s Outlook Conference in San Diego, where it will be raffled off.

To see progress of the road trip, follow the hashtag #RideWithRice on social media.

For more information on this effort, please contact Michael Klein at USA Rice at or (703) 475-2072.

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