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California Rice shines at the Farm to Fork Festival

California Rice shines at the Farm to Fork Festival

Tens of thousands of people packed Sacramento’s Capitol Mall for today’s sixth annual Farm to Fork Festival, and rice was a part of it.

Afternoon attendees watched a forty-five minute California Rice cooking demonstration from Chef Patrick Mulvaney, emceed by CRC President & CEO Tim Johnson, along with Brian Crall, well-known comedian and personality in the Sacramento region.

While Chef Mulvaney made several dishes highlighting California Rice, including fried rice and rice balls, there was frequent discussion providing key messages. The impact of rice to our economy and environment, plus our supplying virtually all of America’s sushi rice, were covered.

Today’s festival is part of a larger effort to educate our region about the important role of California Rice. The CRC teamed up with the Food Literacy Center in this editorial in the Sacramento Bee and we are participating in other local events to connect farms with the urban community.

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