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Certified or Enrolled Seed required in 2019

A reminder that, in order to control weedy rice, all rice acres must be planted with seed enrolled in a California Crop Improvement Association (CCIA) certification or quality assurance program beginning in 2019. This regulation, supported by the industry, was adopted in 2017 and provided for the limited use of farm-saved seed for two years until all seed could be enrolled in a program.

Growers will not be able to plant farm-saved seed next year. In addition, handlers will be requiring confirmation that all rice has been produced from an approved program beginning with the 2019 crop.

Elimination of weedy rice from seed stocks is the foundation of our industry’s effort to control this in the state.

If you have not enrolled your seed with CCIA or have questions about their program, contact Timothy Blank at (530) 574-6459. Questions about the regulation can be directed to Tim Johnson at the CRC (916) 387-2264.


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