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Thiobencarb Monitoring under the Rice Pesticide Program

Thiobencarb (Bolero/Abolish/League MVP) monitoring began at the Colusa Basin Drain (CBD5) on April 26. Monitoring began at all sites on May 1. Monitoring frequency began at once per week, increasing to twice per week before the Memorial Day Holiday weekend.

The lab reporting limit is 0.5 parts per billion (ppb), and the city intake results are below 0.2 ppb per the lab method used. The results were below the 1.5 ppb performance goal through May 24. Only one result was above the performance goal at 1.7 ppb on May 29, recovering to 1.3 ppb on May 31.

We are posting the results through the CRC e-communication to increase transparency and in response to a higher volume of requests for the information.

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With hard work and a good understanding of the regulatory process, the Commission was successful in gaining IR-4 priority for necessary research on an important armyworm insecticide. Typically thought of as a program only for ‘specialty crops’ the Commission successfully made the case that the minor use of this insecticide on California rice qualified the proposal for consideration.