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Social Media Reach, Media Engagement soar in 2017

Social Media Reach, Media Engagement soar in 2017

Our social media channels recorded strong growth last year, including setting records across-the-board for our Sacramento Valley Water campaign with the Northern California Water Association.

California Rice social media pages logged increases of up to 54 percent. The lone exception was a 26 percent decrease in hits to, which follows larger trends of reduced website traffic and increased interest in other social media pages.

Media inquiries totaled 126 last year, nearly 30 percent more than in 2016. Our large social media audience contributed to the increase, and helped ensure continued positive coverage from reporters.

Sacramento Valley Water social media pages achieved new record highs, including 5.8 million people reached via Facebook (more than double the 2016 total) and 1.2 million impressions through Twitter.  Video views on the Sacramento Valley YouTube page rose fivefold.

The California Rice and Sacramento Valley Facebook and Twitter pages reached a combined 11.3 million people last year, up nearly 60 percent from the prior year.

We made more than 3,000 social media posts last year, reaching reporters, elected officials, regulators and the public with the value of California Rice to our environment and economy, and how a consistent water supply in the Sacramento Valley makes it possible.

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