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Help Minimize Mosquitoes during Fall Flooding

Help Minimize Mosquitoes during Fall Flooding

It’s that time of year again when we are thinking about getting water out on the fields for waterbird habitat and rice straw decomposition. While growers are out placing boards in fields and turning screw gates, they should also be thinking about mosquito control.

Probably the most important thing growers can do is contact their mosquito districts to let them know when and where they plan to apply winter water. This will enable the mosquito district field technicians to come out and monitor these freshly watered fields and be prepared to address any mosquito control issues early on.

While it is quite possible that October will bring cooler temps and fewer mosquitoes, we can’t totally bank on it. This month can still host some warm weather periods that can make life pretty good for mosquitoes. So, let’s take stock in preventative approaches, working cooperatively with the regional mosquito control agencies in the Sacramento Valley, to help us keep an eye on our fields.





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