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Intrepid update

Intrepid update

We have been relaying information real-time to both U.S. EPA and DPR on Intrepid, as the flood of reports have been coming in on armyworm. Form those discussions we can provide the following: The Intrepid section 18 is submitted to U.S. EPA with a priority for expedited review. Both the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) and the U.S. EPA are well aware of our unprecedented armyworm situation. The process is moving forward with an anticipated final approval pending – possibly this next week. We are sending this notice to let you know the status for planning purposes. The CRC is on call and has been responding questions to keep the process moving forward.

It is due to our longstanding and positive relationships with the DPR and U.S. EPA staff that our petitions was moved to the top of the line for processing – a process that normally takes 50-60 days for review. We will send an e-communication once we receive a final decision. The county agricultural commissions will receive the section 18 label from DPR. Please remember to include, or add Intrepid (methoxyfenozide) to your pesticide permit as section 18 emergency exemptions are treated as restricted materials.

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With hard work and a good understanding of the regulatory process, the Commission was successful in gaining IR-4 priority for necessary research on an important armyworm insecticide. Typically thought of as a program only for ‘specialty crops’ the Commission successfully made the case that the minor use of this insecticide on California rice qualified the proposal for consideration.