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Large, enthusiastic turnout for today’s Circle of Life Reception

Large, enthusiastic turnout for today’s Circle of Life Reception

A strong turnout of 161 people attended this afternoon’s California Rice Circle of Life Reception, including 15 Legislators. Some of today’s highlights included:

  • The S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation was honored with the Circle of Life Award for providing tens of millions of dollars for California’s environment.
  • Media coverage was excellent, including reporters and photographers from the Associated Press, KCRA 3 Reports, KFBK NewsTalk 1530, CBS 13-TV, Capitol Television News Service and Capitol Morning Report.
  • Gourmet sushi and other dishes featuring Sacramento Valley rice were extremely popular, as was the annual Capitol Roller Sushi Competition. Five Legislators rolled sushi, with Assembly Member Jim Cooper winning the coveted framed Samurai Sword. Here’s his reaction following the competition:

Today’s reception follows another important part of our outreach. Yesterday, our 2017 California Rice Boxes were delivered to State Capitol offices, and will soon be distributed to other key audiences. The box features original California Rice art from Bud Gordon.

We will continue to work to amplify the message in the Capitol Region of the importance of California Rice in our state.

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With hard work and a good understanding of the regulatory process, the Commission was successful in gaining IR-4 priority for necessary research on an important armyworm insecticide. Typically thought of as a program only for ‘specialty crops’ the Commission successfully made the case that the minor use of this insecticide on California rice qualified the proposal for consideration.