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Reminder: Help needed for Intrepid® 2F

Reminder: Help needed for Intrepid® 2F

Please provide information by March 31. Your help is needed to justify the Intrepid/armyworm section 18 for 2017. Economics and data showing the ineffectiveness of alternatives must be verified as criteria for justification of the emergency need. The economic data is specific to yield loss from armyworm damage, and most commonly available from growers and pest control advisers. You can respond to the online survey, use our form, or send the information in any written format including print outs from various software services. The information needs to be specific to the armyworm damaged fields. We will use the county location and not include names in the section 18 application. The sooner we are able to resubmit the section 18 application, the earlier it will be available. It often takes the U.S. EPA 50-days to turn the application around.

You can provide your yield loss data electronically to Luis Espino at:

Or you can send to the CRC office by email, fax or mail:

California Rice Commission
1231 I Street, Suite 205
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax: 916-387-2265

Download the Intrepid Yield Loss Information Form

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