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Potential changes for Thiobencarb usage in 2017

Potential changes for Thiobencarb usage in 2017

Changes in thiobencarb usage are imminent after four straight years of thiobencarb exceedances of the performance goal totaling 17 violations. We were facing enforcement action by the Central Valley Water Board in the form of prohibition of discharge and fines based on the estimated gallons of thiobencarb treated water released from the field(s).

In collaboration with the Department of Regulation (DPR), the proposal is to ground the liquid formulation (Abolish 8EC) north of Highway 20 and west of the Sacramento River in Colusa and Glenn Counties. In addition, the DPR monitoring sites on the west side of Colusa and Glenn Counties will be monitored for thiobencarb. We are proposing to continue our flow study that began last year.

The Central Valley Water Board will review the proposal before the recommendations become final. We should have confirmation on the changes that will become effective by the stewardship meetings February 21 to 24. We are sending this information in advance of the meetings because this is a critical time for planning in preparation for the upcoming rice season.

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