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Farm Evaluation and the Nitrogen Management Plan available soon

Farm Evaluation and the Nitrogen Management Plan available soon

The Rice Waste Discharge Requirements (Rice WDR) Farm Evaluation (FE) and Nitrogen Management Plan (NMP) are scheduled to go live on the website the first week of January. Both the FE and NMP must be completed by March 1. Additional detail will be provided once the website becomes live. In the interim, please note the following:

The reporting portal will remain on

  • After clicking on Waste Discharge Requirements, you will need your pesticide use permit number (restricted materials permit or private applicator number in some counties)
  • The site appears different as you see a grower dashboard on the screen
  • There will be one login for all three reporting sections through a single link on the screen
  • The site is much faster and the transition between the grower dashboard and the Rice WDR Modules is smoother

You still need to complete the FE before moving onto the NMP. Both require reporting of your farming practices from the previous year. The current year NMP is your planning tool.

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With hard work and a good understanding of the regulatory process, the Commission was successful in gaining IR-4 priority for necessary research on an important armyworm insecticide. Typically thought of as a program only for ‘specialty crops’ the Commission successfully made the case that the minor use of this insecticide on California rice qualified the proposal for consideration.