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Significant Milestones for Sites Reservoir

Significant Milestones for Sites Reservoir

Assembly Member James Gallagher at today’s event. Senator Jim Nielsen and Congressman Doug LaMalfa also participated.

There was a celebratory atmosphere in Maxwell this afternoon to mark significant progress in work to build Sites Reservoir.

Among the new developments:

  • AB 2551 has been signed into law, which will speed construction and reduce cost for the project.
  • New agencies have joined Sites, with 34 agencies now participating.
  • Launch of the Sites information portal, including a new website, logo and social media outreach.
  • The Sites Project has a new office in Maxwell.
  • Proposition 1 regulations are progressing, and the Sites Project continues to make headway in fully developing and demonstrating public and environmental benefits.

We will continue to work with the Sites JPA, NCWA, water districts and other supporters to make Sites Reservoir a reality, to help the Sacramento Valley’s environment, cities and farms.

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Thiobencarb Monitoring and Changes to REI

Thiobencarb Monitoring and Changes to REI

Monitoring for 2019

Thiobencarb monitoring starts at the Colusa Basin Drain 5 (CBD5) on Tuesday – the typical start date of water quality monitoring. The CBD5 site is off Highway 20 in Colusa County, and receives drainage from both Colusa and Glenn Counties. The Colusa County Agricultural Commissioner’s office announced receipt of the first thiobencarb notice of intent (NOI) with applications under way. Confirmation of intent to apply thiobencarb from the other rice counties will trigger the decision to add in the remaining monitoring sites. We estimate this will happen as early as May 7.

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Thiobencarb holiday monitoring schedule

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