June 2016

A New Perspective

A New Perspective

I’m grateful to be selected as the 2016 summer California Rice Commission intern, which will broaden my understanding of the rice industry.  As the CRC’s third intern, I’m the first not from a rice farming background.  While raising livestock, riding horses, and promoting agriculture was my passion growing up, I’m a “newbie” when it comes to family farming and the rice industry. READ MORE

Propanil in water-soluble bags

Over ten years ago, we never thought it would be possible to package propanil in water-soluble bags. However, the technology has advanced and Stam 80 EDF-CA Herbicide recently received registration packaged in water-soluble bags, and to remove the current RiceCo delivery system from the label. READ MORE

Important deadlines for 2016/17 Board Elections

The CRC election cycle has begun for the 2016/17 board elections.

Growers will have the opportunity to nominate individuals to serve on the CRC Board for three-year terms. Nomination forms and information on the seats open in each district were mailed to every grower last week. Nomination forms must be returned or postmarked by July 11, 2016.

Please note, if you do not receive information for nominating board members, please contact the CRC Office immediately at (916) 387-2264 or officemanager@calrice.org, so we can ensure that a ballot is mailed to you.