March 2016

Analysis of Rice Prices and Federal Program Impacts

Noted attorney Tim Kelleher has written an important analysis for growers regarding the impact expected lower rice prices this year may have on various federal programs. His summary provides specific information to help growers ensure they are enrolled in programs that best suit their situation.

In addition, Kelleher has updated the Decision Tool, which includes instructions so growers can use their own projections to determine possible payments.

Dam Train Initiative regroups to focus on 2018

Proponents of the Dam–Train announced Friday that they are temporarily suspending signature gathering and are now focused on the 2018 elections.

Functionally, this allows them to gather signatures through the end of July and take advantage of lower costs to gather the more than 500,000 valid petition signatures needed.

CRIA and NCWA will continue to press the case that this ballot measure impacts water rights and delays the construction of Sites Reservoir regardless of when it is on the ballot.

Here is a good story in the Los Angeles Times with their comments and redirected strategy.

CRIA and NCWA are actively opposing the High Speed Rail to Water Storage ballot measure

You may have heard about the ballot measure currently gathering signatures that seeks to take bond money from high–speed rail and re-direct it to additional water storage. While it seems positive on first read, both NCWA and CRIA are opposing the measure due to its negative impacts on water rights and the delay it would have on the construction of Sites Reservoir. READ MORE

New CRC Air Quality Report is released

New CRC Air Quality Report is released

We have completed a new report that chronicles 30 years of air quality improvements in California Rice.  It captures the story of reduced rice straw burning, use of cleaner-burning engines, and improvements in energy consumption to produce rice.  In all, the report tells the story of an 80-90 percent reduction in major air pollutants and a 20 percent reduction in energy use (and related emissions) in this time frame.  READ MORE

Waterbird Foundation gains official status as charitable organization

Waterbird Foundation gains official status as charitable organization

Since the inception of the new California Ricelands Waterbird Foundation, we have been putting the pieces into place for this organization to receive tax-deductible donations to enhance habitat in rice fields. Last month, the Foundation finally received its formal letter from the IRS, granting it status as a 501c3 approved to receive fully tax-deductible charitable donations.  READ MORE

Deadlines extended for the Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Plan 

Deadlines extended for the Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Plan 

We extended the deadline for completing the Farm Evaluation and the Nitrogen Management Plan (NMP). The two regulatory requirements were due March 1. However, the Central Valley Water Board allows us the discretion to make adjustments as long as we meet our regulatory reporting requirements for the Farm Evaluation. The NMP is not accessible by the CRC and remains on your farm. READ MORE