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Water Footprint Study, Animated Infographic released

Water Footprint Study, Animated Infographic released

Faced with dwindling water supplies, California farmers face growing scrutiny about water use. Instead of a productive and factual discussion, some have narrowly focused on what crops might best fit our state based on criteria suits their argument.

Today we launched a project that will hopefully bring a fuller discussion. We asked the nationally known science and engineering company Exponent to find out how much water is consumed in a typical day by an average American. Their findings are documented in the publication, Water Footprint of Consumption Among the U.S. Population. From this, we worked with Page Design to create an animated infographic to provide a better understanding of the personal, daily connection we all have with water.

This project has several facets, including seeking a guest editorial, a big push via our website and social media channels and coverage during our California Rice spots on the Armstrong & Getty Radio Show.

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