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Armyworm planning

Armyworm planning

While we never know in advance when a pest problem may occur, there are preparatory steps that can be taken. Planning is essential if we experience another severe armyworm outbreak in 2016.

Dow AgroSciences provided authorization for the CRC to pursue the section 18 for Intrepid, an insect growth regulator specific to the Lepidoptera pests. Reports from the field verify Intrepid was effective.

Documentation from this year is necessary to justify the need for Intrepid in 2016. We must to provide the following:

  • Yield loss information, total acres, damaged acreage and the county name.
  • Verification the armyworm is present as treatment thresholds levels found in the UC IPM Guidelines for monitoring armyworm.
  • Proof the alternative insecticides are ineffective.

Please provide the information to your Farm Advisor, or contact Roberta Firoved at the CRC office (916) 387-2264.

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