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Work continues to address thiobencarb exceedances

The thiobencarb exceedances at the Colusa Basin Drain 5 (CBD5) site north of Highway 20 are beginning to decline. Two special monitoring events took place north of the CBD5 site as a result of the five drain exceedances on May 19, 21, 26, 28 and June 2. On May 27, the City of West Sacramento had a detection of thiobencarb below the secondary maximum contaminant level. All remaining city intake and Sacramento River results were non-detect through June 4.

We will evaluate the thiobencarb monitoring results and the final water hold release dates before determining whether to wrap-up the monitoring season the end of this month, later into July. The increase in thiobencarb use as a result of severe drought conditions along with the impact of less water in the drains adds to the challenge of managing the Rice Pesticide Program.

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New Nitrate and Salt Regulations for Agriculture in 2020

New Nitrate and Salt Regulations for Agriculture in 2020

In 2020, the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board will begin implementing strict new requirements for the discharge of nitrate and salt from agriculture. After more than a decade in development, the CV-Salts Basin Plan Amendment will make two important changes to all Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR’s) under which all surface and groundwater discharges fall. Here is a link to a comprehensive summary of the changes and helpful maps