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California Rice Legislative Day a success

California Rice Legislative Day a success

A packed gathering of some 160 people viewing Legislators rolling sushi provided the punctuation on today’s successful California Rice Legislative Day.

Industry members spent the morning in the State Capitol, visiting with several Legislators, updating them on issues critical to California Rice. The need for additional water storage from Sites Reservoir was frequently mentioned.

The Circle of Life Reception at the Sheraton drew a full house, including a large group of Legislators and strong attendance from all of our major target audiences.  Sushi and other California Rice dishes were enjoyed. KCRA 3 Reports Deirdre Fitzpatrick joined CRC President & CEO Tim Johnson as an emcee.

during the sushi Rolling conest among the California lawmakers at The Sheraton Hotel, Wednesday, June 17, 2015. Photo Brian BaerAssembly Republican Leader Kristin Olsen won the Capitol Roller Competition and gained possession of the framed Samurai Sword, which was presented by the prior winner – Assembly Speaker Toni G. Atkins.

Media coverage was strong, including KCRA 3 Reports, Fox 40, the Sacramento Bee, Capitol Morning Report, KFBK and Capitol Television News Service.

The day provided a vivid reminder of the importance of maintaining strong relationships, something this industry has cultivated for many years.

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