Farm Evaluation Access Fixed

Farm Evaluation Access Fixed

The issue with web access to the Farm Evaluation has been resolved as of yesterday afternoon. You should have no issue accessing the web-based Farm Evaluation. Thank you for your patience and please remember this is the first year for all of us to go through this process. 

Due date: April 1, 2015

Year of reporting: Rice acres irrigated in 2014

Access through: www.calricenews.org

Click on: Waste Discharge Requirement

Click on: Start an Evaluation under Rice WDR Farm Evaluation

You can also try: http://evaluation.calricenews.org/crc

For additional information and updates, you can read the posts under www.calricenews.org and click on Waste Discharge Requirements.

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Farm Evaluation/Nitrogen Management Plan Reporting Deadlines

Farm Evaluation/Nitrogen Management Plan Reporting Deadlines

The due date for the Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Plan reporting, for the 2018 crop year, was March 1. We are extending the due date to allow full compliance for this regulatory reporting requirement. The Rice Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) reporting website will remain open to July 31 to allow compliance through the end of planting and the application season. We are also sending non-compliance reminder letters to specific individuals.