Responses to issues with the Farm Evaluation

Responses to issues with the Farm Evaluation

Due date: March 1, 2015. We will extend the due date through the end of March this year.

Year of reporting: Rice acres grown and irrigated in 2014.

Permit number: The last seven numbers from the pesticide use, also known as the restricted materials permit number issued by the county agricultural commissioner’s office. Please do not use the Private Applicator (PA) number from the card you receive from the Department of Pesticide Regulation. Both the permit and the PA numbers have seven digits.

Please make certain that your permit number and name appear on the upper left of the screen.

Other reasons the permit number will not work:

  • No permit because no rice was grown in 2014
  • No rice permit because other crops were grown in 2014
  • Wrong numbers entered – please make certain your number and name are correct on the screen after entering the Farm Evaluation

What to do if fields farmed to rice are missing: Our information is correct per the information you provide in the 2014 pesticide use permit. In the Farm Evaluation, you can do acreage adjustments to make the total acres correct for 2014. Please make certain the information is correct in your 2015 permit at the county agricultural commissioner’s office. We will use the 2015 permit information for the 2016 Farm Evaluation.

Question whether the field was traditionally planted to rice, but not in 2014: It should come out correct when you check YES if rice was planted and NO if it was not. You can skip the question as we have chosen to not include in the summary report.

What happens if answers to the above questions come out in reverse on the printed report? Check to make certain your acreage is correct, or close to correct. If so, you can manually correct and initial the YES/NO response on the printed Farm Evaluation.

Rotational crops: You will not be able to complete a Farm Evaluation for rice on any acreage planted to another crop in 2014. Those acres need to be signed up with the local sub-watershed group through the Sacramento River Watershed Waste Discharge Requirements, and reported in a different Farm Evaluation.

Review before submitting: Extremely important! Please review and correct, if necessary, before submitting.

Submit: Please be certain to click on the Submit button once the review is to your satisfaction.

How to know your Farm Evaluation is submitted: The message will temporarily appear on the screen in a green banner at the bottom of the page: “Success. Farm Evaluation successfully submitted.”

Other ways to know whether your Farm Evaluation is submitted include:

  1. Try to resubmit. An error message will say it has already been submitted.
  2. You can only generate a final .pdf paper report from a submitted Farm Evaluation.

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