Farm Evaluation launches

Farm Evaluation launches

The Rice Waste Discharge Requirements (Rice WDR) Farm Evaluation is now live on the Calricenews.org Website.  Farm Evaluations must be completed by March 1. We will accept the Farm Evaluations through the end of March.

Go to Calricenews.org:

  • Click on Waste Discharge Requirements
  • Click on the Farm Evaluation button
  • Enter your pesticide use permit number (restricted materials permit)

You will need your pesticide permit number to enter the site and start the Farm Evaluation. Your pest control adviser or country agricultural commissioner will know this information, if you do not have your pesticide use (restricted materials) permit number on file.

The Summary Page provides you the opportunity to review the draft Farm Evaluation before submitting it to the CRC. Please remember to click the Submit Final button to officially complete the form.

Once complete, your online electronic submission is verification of signature. You can print the completed Farm Evaluation and sign the paper copy, which is kept in your files. On the farm, you need to keep on file the Rice WDR, the landowner notification letter (if applicable), farm maps with the wells and water discharge points marked, and the complete, signed Farm Evaluation. These materials are necessary in the event the Central Valley Water Board staff inspects your operation.

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Farm Evaluation/Nitrogen Management Plan Reporting Deadlines

Farm Evaluation/Nitrogen Management Plan Reporting Deadlines

The due date for the Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Plan reporting, for the 2018 crop year, was March 1. We are extending the due date to allow full compliance for this regulatory reporting requirement. The Rice Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) reporting website will remain open to July 31 to allow compliance through the end of planting and the application season. We are also sending non-compliance reminder letters to specific individuals.