Launch approaches for Rice Waste Discharge Requirement Farm Evaluation

Launch approaches for Rice Waste Discharge Requirement Farm Evaluation

As we get closer to the date of launching the Rice Waste Discharge Requirement (Rice WDR) Farm Evaluation. The following lists information you can gather in the interim:

  • Your pesticide use permit number issued by the county agricultural commissioner’s office – multiple permit numbers if you farm in more than one county. The process is the same as your pesticide use reporting.
  • A farm map, either the one in your permit, Google screenshot, or whatever shows the field. You will mark on the map where water leaves the property and the location of wells, if applicable.

Knowledge of the following:

  • Acres of rice grown, crop rotation (and crops), frequency, permanently taken out of production, and not planted in 2014.
  • Regulatory farm practices such as following label restrictions, following permit conditions, waterholding requirements, monitor wind conditions, utilize buffer zones, low drift nozzles, PCA recommendations, end of row shut-off, PPE compliance, drift control agents, and employee training as in check the box if you do this.
  • Voluntary farm practices such as land leveling, tailwater return, monitor rain forecasts, crop rotation (organic), cover cropping (organic), compacting levees, variable timing of water release (pre-plant and pre-harvest), slow release of water, crop rotation (non-organic), and voluntary trainings SpraySafe, etc.) as in check the box if you do this.
  • Well identification, ground sloped away, standing water avoided, good housekeeping practices, air gap, backflow prevention, year abandoned, or destroyed.
  • When water leaves the property, and which CRC monitoring site does it eventually drain. Coordinates and a map will be provided. Or the irrigation/reclamation district where the water drains.

The landowner notification will be linked to the Rice WDR Farm Evaluation so that you can print and sign the letter.

Due date for completing the Farm Evaluation is March 1. This year we will accept Farm Evaluations through the end of March.

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Farm Evaluation/Nitrogen Management Plan Reporting Deadlines

Farm Evaluation/Nitrogen Management Plan Reporting Deadlines

The due date for the Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Plan reporting, for the 2018 crop year, was March 1. We are extending the due date to allow full compliance for this regulatory reporting requirement. The Rice Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) reporting website will remain open to July 31 to allow compliance through the end of planting and the application season. We are also sending non-compliance reminder letters to specific individuals.