2014 Key California Election Results and Commentary

2014 Key California Election Results and Commentary

Results as of 6:33 AM

State Wide Measures Outcome
Prop 1 – Water Bond Passed!*
State Legislature
SD 4 Nielsen v. Jawahar Nielsen*
SD 6 Pan v. Dickinson Pan*
AD 1 Dahle v. Smith Dahle*
AD 3 Gallagher v. Reed Gallagher*
AD 4 Dodd v. Schauppe Dodd*
AD 5 Bigelow v. Hogan Bigelow*
AD 20 Bill Quirk v. Patino Quirk*
Congressional Races
CA 1 LaMalfa v. Hall LaMalfa*
CA 3 Garamendi v. Logue Garamendi*
CA 4 McClintock v. Moore McClintock
CA 6 Matsui v. McCray Sr. Matsui*
CA 7 Bera v. Ose Ose*
CA 10 Denham v. Eggman Denham*
CA 21 Valadao v. Renteria Valadao*
CA 26 Brownly v. Gorell (Too close to call)
U.S. Senate Party Breakdown 52R, 43D, 2I – Net pickup of 7 seats by the Republicans. 3 races to be determined – Louisiana, Virginia and Alaska
U.S. Congress Party Breakdown 243R, 175D – Net pickup of 10 seats by the Republicans. 17 races to be determined.


* Denotes significant support from the CRIA State or Federal PAC


National view

By all measures, the Republican Party realized a significant victory in this mid-term election cycle gaining a majority in the Senate and expanding their majority in the House. Dissatisfaction with the Administration within both parties, desire to break the gridlock in Washington combined with low voter turnout added significant tailwind in this election.

Even as the final returns came in, politics in Washington were shifting to the 2016 presidential race. Given the veto threats from the President last week the ability to work together will largely be determined by response from the White House to the shifting political landscape. Everything, however, will be viewed through the lens of the 2016 Presidential race and how it will advantage one party over the other.

While continued gridlock is almost certain, water, trade, tax reform and the highway bill (a likely vehicle for water legislation if not passed separately) are areas where Congress and the Administration have commonality and hopefully can work together. Outside these areas, expect lots of activity but little agreement and little real progress.

State view

In California, there was far less political drama but some important victories. The biggest win was the passage of the Water Bond (Proposition 1) with nearly 67 percent voter support. Importantly, Republicans held enough seats in the Senate and Assembly to keep Democrats from achieving a super majority and a virtual lock on the state legislature. Finally, Richard Pan, a strong supporter of agriculture and a long time friend of the rice industry will join the Senate replacing outgoing Senator Darrell Steinberg from Sacramento.