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2017 CRC Nesting Cover Study—Last Call for Acres

2017 CRC Nesting Cover Study—Last Call for Acres

We welcome having more cover-cropped fields that will be fallowed in the upcoming growing season to include in our 2017 study.  We are trying to build a case for why beneficial nesting practices should be strongly supported as part of our conservation programs with the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Requested Action

If you have cover crops that you will idle, please send a quick note to Paul Buttner at  We may even be able to offer a small incentive payment to include your fields and allow biologists to monitor duck nesting activity.

You may have received a Rice WDR letter in error

You may have received a Rice WDR letter in error

Please accept our apologies if you received a letter of non-compliance and were well aware you submitted the Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Plans for the 2016 rice crop year. We inadvertently mailed the non-compliance letter to the entire list.

You will be able to check whether you are in compliance if uncertain you met the reporting requirement. Start by entering the last seven digits of your pesticide permit number, which automatically opens the Dashboard. Your reports are submitted if all three boxes (Farm Evaluation, Previous Year NMP, and Current Year NMP) are green and reads “Submitted on: <date><time> for the Farm Evaluation, and “Saved on: <date><time>” for the Previous Year NMP and Current Year NMP at the bottom of the larger boxes.

If any of the boxes are red, please click on the box and follow the instructions to complete the reporting requirement. Some people fail to click on “Submit Final” before exiting the Summary (last screen) of the online template. Others fail to click on “Download Final PDF Report” after submitting the final report. If that happens, the “Download Final PDF Report” will show red until you click on the box to download the final report. Sorry if the letter caused any undue angst.

Emergency Weedy Rice Regulations – Adopted

Emergency Weedy Rice Regulations – Adopted

CDFA has adopted emergency regulations recommended by the Rice Certification Committee to help control the spread of weedy rice in California. Importantly, the regulations are in effect March 13, 2017 and apply to this crop year. Following are the requirements by year:

2017 Equipment

  • Equipment – used equipment must be inspected by the County Agricultural Commissioner and found free of red rice seed

2017 – 2018 Seed

  • Seed – common, grade or farm saved seed may be used but may not be sold
  • Private seed programs can be approved by the Rice Certification Committee

2019 Seed & Verification

  • Only a class of certified seed (AOSCA) or third-party quality assurance may be planted in the state
  • Handers will require verification of planting certified or third party QA seed August 1, 2019

Other important information

The CRC acted March 8 to adopt all of these requirements as standard industry practices beginning this year. We understand the California Warehouse Association is considering similar action.

In addition, the Rice Experiment Station has notified all growers that their varieties may only be planted as a class of certified seed.

As such, growers are strongly encouraged to only plant a class of certified seed for all available varieties this year and not plant farm saved seed.